Analisa Aplikasi e-Health Berbasis Website di Instansi Kesehatan Pemerintah dan Swasta serta Potensi Implementasinya di Indonesia


Health is crucial problem among all country. Every country compulsory undertake health quality the citizen. Indonesia with big population and spread out along the country have various health problem. Health infrastructure doesn’t exist in all over area so that public couldn’t have health services optimality. Information and communication technology (ICT) push public health growth by integrating between ICT and health. E-health uses to give better health services every time and everywhere. Many of hospital in Indonesia have used technology (ICT) on their health public service by using website. Based on website analyzing, it showed that e-health service only one-step-informational service. SWOT analyze showed that Indonesia have potential things to develop and to implement e-health.

Keywords : telemedicine, e-health, information communication technology