Convergence Scope of Research by AICIT

Advance Institute of Convergence IT

Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology (AICIT) has journal named Journal of  Convergence Information Technology (JCIT). The aimed of the journal is to provide fast publication of refereed, high quality original research papers in all branches of the convergence technologies and its applications. Anyone can join with it as an author or a reader.

Here are scope of JCIT:

Topic 1: IT-based Convergence Technology and Service

  1. Next Generation Communications and Networking
  2. Data/Information Processing Engineering on High Performance Computing
  3. Secure Information System and its Applications
  4. Intelligent Approaches on Information System
  5. Multimedia Technology and its Applications
  6. Broadcast Convergence Network and its Applications
  7. Embedded Systems and Software
  8. Telematics and Home Network Technology and its Applications
  9. ITS
  10. Game and Animation
  11. Applications of soft computing, pattern recognition, and data mining paradigms solving real-world problems
  12. Any other interdisciplinary research relevant to IT-based convergence technology

Topic 2: HCI & Bioinformatics

  1. Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Computer supported cooperative work(CSCW)
  3. Behavior in virtual environment
  4. Multimedia Application
  5. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  6. Health and Information Technology
  7. Medical and Oriental Medical Information Technology
  8. U-Health Care
  9. Any other interdisciplinary research relevant to HCI and bioinformatics

Topic 3: Ubiquitous Computing

  1. Ubiquitous Computing Technology
  2. U-Culture Technology and Service
  3. U-Tourism Technology and Service
  4. U-City Technology and Service
  5. U-Politics and U-government
  6. U-Space
  7. Any other interdisciplinary research relevant to ubiquitous computing

Topic 4: Business and Information Systems

  1. Information management for business applications
  2. Enterprise systems and architecture
  3. Business systems infrastructure design for information integration
  4. Service-oriented architecture; Enterprise service bus; Service-component architecture
  5. Modeling, simulation and analysis of business processes and systems
  6. Technologies and standards for improving business productivity and agility
  7. Trust issues in business and systems
  8. Value-based management and systems
  9. Decision support and knowledge-based systems
  10. Business systems dynamics; System dynamics in enterprise modeling
  11. Database, data mining and business intelligence
  12. Healthcare management and systems in business
  13. Medical informatics, science informatics, and their business applications
  14. Information privacy and security issues and their solutions
  15. Meta data and semantic web
  16. Any other interdisciplinary research relevant to business and information systems

Topic 5: Social and Business Aspects of Convergence IT and Ubiquitous Computing

  1. Economics of emerging technologies
  2. Cultural studies and multicultural collaboration
  3. IT and organizations
  4. Home and community computing
  5. Social capital
  6. Managerial, economic and social complexities in CIT and UC
  7. Business transformation due to CIT and UC
  8. New forms of media and communications
  9. Technological design and evaluations
  10. Virtual environment and behavior
  11. Science and technology management
  12. Psychological foundations of convergence
  13. Empirical investigation of social aspect of CIT and UC
  14. Innovation adoption and technology diffusion
  15. Any other interdisciplinary research relevant to IT-based convergence technology

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